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Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Website Design Services and Web Development Services

A good website is a platform for potential customers and web surfers through which it achieves global compatibility. It is the main channel of communication between a company and its visitors. Website development not only enhances your web presence and popularity but also eases the process of selling products and services and generating profit for a business. With millions of websites jamming the World Wide Web the competition is growing at a fast pace. Therefore good website designing is the call of the moment to make your business stand out from the rest. A good website is user-friendly which means a guest can quickly navigate through it and can easily find information that he intends to.

Factors to be kept in mind while website designing:

Usability: A website besides looking good should also have good usability. The primary items on a website should catch one’s eyes rather than the secondary ones otherwise it might be frustrating for a user and your business might lose an opportunity.

Visual appeal: This can be achieved by a proper organization that makes sense and is logical so that even a glance for a second satisfies the user. Moreover, images, videos, slideshows etc can be eye catching and an added advantage.

Steps to website designing and development:

Research, planning, and analysis: This step involves completely understanding our client’s requirements in terms of their various aspects and dynamics like the purpose of the site, the goals, target audience, and content. A clear understanding of the business will efficiently help us integrate the site map into the system. Planning puts all the gathered information together in an organized way to develop a general layout with a consistent navigational system. This enables a user to explore the site more easily. After that wireframes are developed that show content information within pages. These are usually built for larger and complex sites.

Design and Website development: The next step is to decide upon the look of the website which is done keeping in mind the target audience. For example, a site of an educational institution will look different from a law firm. Our web designers are then ready with more than one Website designing ideas which upon confirmation from the client site are converted into a live site. Website development phase uses graphic elements and makes the site functional. We mostly use Wordpress as content management system. From contact forms to shopping carts everything is managed at this phase. For coding HTML / CSS code of current standards are used to increase accessibility.

Testing and delivery: After website development, the site is completely tested for factors like scalability, resolution, stress, integration, load and cross browser compatibility. The website is then uploaded to the client’s server with the help of file transfer protocol. The code written for a website should meet the standard requirements.

Finally, our experts also work with the clients to make them understand the importance of maintaining and updating their site. For a website to be relevant factors like managing plug-ins, updating software, bug fixing and a complete monitoring of all aspects should be done on a continuous basis.